Hushmail Email – How to solve the issues related?

Hushmail Email is one of the best email encrypted service world-wide. That was launched by hush communication. This Hushmail is the world’s premier end -to-end encrypted email service.

Hushmail is one of the fast developing and growing encrypted email service. Email for simple and day-to-day use for individuals and businesses. Here are the services that are provided by the Hushmail:

  • Encrypted email
  • Secure web forms
  • Electronic signatures
  • Serving many customers in industries such as healthcare, finance, non-profit areas.

Hushmail being a tech company which stands separate by making itself most approachable and accessible to its customers, simple for using and understanding. This Hushmail email login can be used on all platforms. This Hushmail also provides security and privacy for communication as it is essential for individuals and businesses reasons.

Encrypting Hushmail

Hushmail allows users to decide whether to encrypt their emails or not. Generally, people can decide whether they want their hushmail account to have all the emails encrypted and or not needed.

If not needed, then the user has to just turn it off as this encryption is turned on by default for all its users. This use of encryption can be individual specific also. Basically, encryption of emails is under the user’s control making it efficient for all its users.

Other service emails not encrypted

Incoming emails are not encrypted by default just because you are using an encrypted email service. So, it is clear that if you received email is from any other service. That is google, yahoo account then it is not encrypted by default. To resolve this follow the method given below:

Users need to secure all the communications with account holders who are not using a hushmail. The basic process is that when they receive an email from a hushmail account holder. That would be directed to the secure message center. Now, this security remains if the receiver responds within that center.

Now, what about people who don’t have a hushmail account but still want to secure their emails. For that all the individuals must do is to fill out the secure web form in the official website. The Hush Secure Forms are held for making the connections more secure.

Hushmail – Account being disabled

There are many reasons for the hushmail account being disabled.

Here are the major ones:

The first reason is due to lack of activity in a legacy free account. This is the reason for your account being disabled for those users. Who have a legacy free account need to ensure that they are signing in to their hushmail account at least once in every 20 days.

Now, the user needs to reactivate the account by upgrading their account to Hushmail Premium. Now, after upgrading the user will automatically get access to their old email contact. But the clause is that within one year of the user’s account has been disabled this upgradation needs to be done.

The second reason is to create many free trial accounts.

Hushmail is known for allowing many accounts for business needs. But having too many trail accounts can result in the disabling of your account. Just purchase it to solve this issue.

The third reason is if the user is sending a large amount of email frequently may result in disabling of your hushmail account. Basically, the hushmail service will assume your account as spam. If there a large number of emails being sent with similar content.

 So, if your account needs to send too many mails. Than a normal business account then better to change as the hushmail will permanently deactivate your account.

The last but most important reason. If the hushmail account holder violates any of the terms of service mentioned by the Hushmail. Then the hushmail automatically deactivates your account.

But if the user has not violated any of the Hushmail terms of service, then they can utilize the Support team of hushmail. All the user has to do is to contact the support team of hushmail from the official website of hushmail.

Hushmail Email

Hushmail – Web Forms for encryption

From the beginning we know that hushmail has been so specific about the encryption. Now, it has expanded its clients after releasing the new service in the form of Hush Secure Forms.

The main purpose of these encrypted web forms is to make our encrypted service easier within minutes by using the drag-and-drop form builder provided by the Hush email service. This does the job by receiving your forms and then delivering them to your inbox with the encryption that is generally used for Hushmail emails.

The advantages of using Hushmail web forms are:

  • Users are provided with a template directory with the generally used forms.
  • Users are provided with a calculated self-assessment form to suit the requirements.

Hushmail – Health care purpose

Hushmail is also used in the healthcare sector for securing all their client and patient relations. This makes all the patients communicate more freely with their therapists, psychologists, optometrists, dentists, and others. This being HIPAA configurated compliance makes it more effective for usage.

Not just the emails being encrypted and safe but this hushmail also provides the users to get intake forms and consent agreements delivered to their inbox without the need to visiting personally.

The only hinge is that all the plans needed to be signed with agreement and built-in email archiving. So, need to check the terms and conditions carefully. As for the non-US residents who are the users need to sign the Information manager agreement and accept few terms and conditions as per their requirements.

Hushmail – Customer Care

One of the added advantages of Hushmail service is its customer care assistance. Right from receiving the information about the service till sign-up and also helps you suit your personal and business needs.

Contacting the Hushmail customer service is simple, and they provide you a wonderful service by answering all your questions and doubts or queries related to your relationship with Hushmail.

Now, apart from providing a wonderful support for every customer, during the working hours the Hushmail provides all its users upon requirement an actual person who with patience would address all the users queries and be in touch with the user until the problem is solved. Hushmail customer care are available in the contact page of the official website of the Hushmail.

The customer service provided by the Hushmail is beneficial in cases:

  • Information about the Hushmail services
  • Info about how to setup an account.
  • Information of password recovery or email related issues.
  • Help to change the adjustments to your account.
  • Chat with user about more effective ways to completely utilize their services.

Now, this hushmail is secure, HIPAA-complain and over-all most trusted worldwide. This setup is easy and secures your online intake by just an email. Here are the steps to create an account:

  • Firstly, the user must go to the official website of the hushmail.
  • Next, the user has to choose signup from the home page of Hushmail.
  • Now, under the sign-up page there are three tasks, the first task is to fill up the basic details of the user like new email address, passphrase.
  • After that the user must click on create an account now and then task two is to activate the account.
  • Next follow the on-screen instructions to complete that task.
  • Lastly, you have to finish the last step after payment and you are with your Hushmail account.

While filling the details ensure that the user has read all the terms and conditions. And then only filled the details for sign-up.

Issue with wrong email address – not able to sign-in

  • Firstly, the user has double check if entering the full email address while attempting to sign-in.
  • Now, check if your hushmail account address ends with or if not then it is not an hushmail account address.

If the above information has not helped, then the issue is with the passphrase. So, the user must check if while entering the caps lock is on or by chance entering the wrong passphrase.

Hushmail – Passphrase issue

Now, forgetting the passphrase can be recovered. But the user should have the subscription of the Hushmail Passphrase recovery feature. Generally, with the feature of recovery passphrase users might get scared of insecurity of their email. But Hushmail is the one that assures you of high-end verification before any change with your account.

Now, the basic process is that if you have premium subscription. Then the Hushmail will help its users by transferring the duration of your subscription to another account with no extra charge. This implies that you won’t get any of the passphrase back except the new changes.

Users of Hushmail not having the passphrase who are not having the Hushmail premium subscription can never recover their passphrase and need to create a new account for themselves.

Remember that this recovery option only works if you have lost your passphrase after you are having the subscription. This subscription helps us to reset all the passphrases after we have activated it. 

If you facing any kind of issues with hushmail email login problem. Please contact Hushmail support expert to solve the unable to login problem or other issues of hushmail email settings.

These are information one needs to know about Hushmail services

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How to resolve the sign-in issue of Hushmail account?

A. Since for sign-in you need to give details of your email address and passphrase. There should be an error with any of these two hence follow the steps for solving those issues. 

Q. Why has my Hushmail account has been disabled?

There are so many reasons for the user’s hushmail account being disabled. Here are a few and resolving them enables your hushmail account.

  • Lack of activity in a legacy free account
  • Creating many free trial accounts
  • Sending a large amount of email
  • Violating our Terms of Service

Q. Can a person who doesn’t have Hushmail account send you secure emails?

A. A person other than Hushmail account cannot send the hushmail user an encrypted email. All the other sender has to do is to register through the web forms and then start sending the encrypted emails.

Q. While entering the Hushmail email address what are the extensions are of hushmail?

A. Hushmail account address ends with,,, or But, with the webforms encryption option other domains are also allowed to send emails to hushmail users.